After a very busy few day’s 😅 Carlos & The birds are finally home 😁🐦 
All the birds picked up are in fantastic condition 👌

We will be moving the Irish birds into the UK birds on Sunday 🐦🐦


Derby Maspalomas has been all the way to Tenerife for this shipment 😎
We had a few problems with the shipment from Barcelona they couldnt send directly to Gran Canaria so we had them sent to Tenerife & Carlos spent the night away traveling ! He picked them up last night and headed back at 8am this morning !!
That’s dedication !! 🐦
11 new teams 👌


The birds from the UK have safely arrived 😅 
A big Thankyou to Walkers & Animals to fly 🐦
Time to get these back to the loft and settled in 😁


A late one for Derby Maspalomas tonight 🐦 Another Shipment has arrived 56 pigeons all the way from Portugal 🇵🇹😎 
Straight to the lofts to get settled in 👌

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