The late arrival of pigeons from Holland, Poland, Germany, Romania, Scandinavia and Slovakia have forced us to delay the release plan planned for the new edition of Derby Maspalomas. Throughout November and December the corresponding releases will be made from various points of Gran Canaria, and as we advance in time we will adapt and publish the estimated dates as we have done in previous years.


For more information you can consult our flight plan in the Information on our website.




After a very busy few day’s 😅 Carlos & The birds are finally home 😁🐦 
All the birds picked up are in fantastic condition 👌

We will be moving the Irish birds into the UK birds on Sunday 🐦🐦


Derby Maspalomas has been all the way to Tenerife for this shipment 😎
We had a few problems with the shipment from Barcelona they couldnt send directly to Gran Canaria so we had them sent to Tenerife & Carlos spent the night away traveling ! He picked them up last night and headed back at 8am this morning !!
That’s dedication !! 🐦
11 new teams 👌


The birds from the UK have safely arrived 😅 
A big Thankyou to Walkers & Animals to fly 🐦
Time to get these back to the loft and settled in 😁


A late one for Derby Maspalomas tonight 🐦 Another Shipment has arrived 56 pigeons all the way from Portugal 🇵🇹😎 
Straight to the lofts to get settled in 👌

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